VS 2002 F
VS 2002 F is an advanced composite for the repair and protection of all metal surfaces, which are subject to erosion, corrosion and chemical attack. VS 2002 F is normally applied at a thickness of 2 mm. It is non-shrinking and consists of 100 % solids.

VS 2002 F contains a high percentage of carbides for the application in extremely abrasive environments, which are subject to costly and expensive repairs. The material can either be used to rebuilt worn metal surfaces or as a preventive coating which is often more durable and resistant to abrasion than the original metal. VS 2002 F can also be used instead of metal coatings, tiles, rubber casings, etc..

Polymer/Ceramic Composite
Matrix - A two component, modified epoxy resin which reacts with an aliphatic curing agent.
Reinforcement - A proprietary blend of aluminium oxide beat and silicon carbides.

Recommended applications
  • Cyclones
  • Pipe elbows
  • Fly dust collectors
  • Pneumatic conveyors
  • Pump casing
  • Screw conveyor
  • Plant component for paper industry
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