QV 7
QV 7 is a seamless high speed polymer quartz lining. The mixture was particularly arranged in order to ensure an easy application, cleaning, maintenance as well as an impact and abrasion resistance in aggressive environment. After hardening there develops an impermeable seamless lining which is very skid-proof and resistant against a multiplicity of chemicals. QV 7 is suitable for vertical and horizontal executions.

QV 7 consists of a mixture of low viscous polymer quartz carrier materials, silica building materials of first-class assortment and an optional, light-genuine colouring material.

Recommended applications
  • Circular scraper bearing surfaces in waste water treatment plants
  • Spiral draw works in waste water treatment plants
  • Production roads and ways
  • Pump columns
  • Hydrodynamic tanks and gutters
  • Concrete tanks and catch pans
  • Repair of broken concrete soils
  • Joint-loose back-up of tiles
  • Stock chests in the paper industry
  • Burying ranges from chemicals
  • Forklift traffic
  • Formation of joints with mechanical load
  • Supporting columns
  • Imbedding of machines
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