Novotect is a modern, high-built two-component basic material on epoxy resin basis, which is cost-saving, especially low solvent, low odour, ecologically harmless, free of chromate and lead and contains active anti-corrosion pigments. Novotect provides extraordinary chemically and mechanically resistant tough coatings for the protection of steel surfaces subject to internal atmospheric attack, also for continuous condensation water loading. Novotect can be used both as primer and top coat. Due to special features also suitable for surfaces which cannot be prepared optimally by sandblasting, but only by manual derusting. It can be applied efficiently at high thickness in one layer. When top-coated with systems based on acrylic-polyurethane, it can be used for outdoor corrosion protection in rural, urban, industrial and coastal atmosphere.

Two-component epoxy with low percentage of light solvents; pigments free of lead and chromate.

Recommended applications
  • Surface tolerant
  • For single or multi-layer coatings of mechanically and chemically loaded steel surfaces with weathering exposure
  • Repair of corroded structural components
  • Revision of existing intact coatings for example in chemical industry, oil industry, in sewage treatment, steel and hydraulic steelwork, off-shore, nuclear power plants, on sandblasted and manually or mechanically derusted surfaces
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